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Komic Reader

Komic reader is an application to read comic archive files, like .CBR, .CBZ, .CB7 and .CBT. It uses the SharpCompress ( library to handle the archive files and it uses the and  libraries for other image effects.

Komic Reader is a comic file reader for comics archived in the CBR, CBZ, CB7 and CBT formats. The aim of the application is to provide a clean interface which will allow you to concentrate in what is important, reading your comics.
FeaturesOpen and read any comic (*.CBR, *.CBZ, *.CB7 and *.CBT)Designed for Touch, light weight and speed for large size comic files.Scroll Page View mode offers pdf viewing style page scrolling.ZoomIn / Out offer various page size.Touch Mode: Pinch and Zoom and panning of pagesTouch Mode:Double tap on either right or left of the screen to move a page forward or backwards.
supports following styles of page viewing, Page View Mode,Scroll View Mode,Book View Mode.
Page Rotation Support.
Apply Image Effects to Page [Reading Color comics in BW]
Use Flip View Setting Option to turn on /off the flip view feature [Turn pages using gestures].
Default Flip View is Disabled please use setting panel to enable it.

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