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Keyboard Shortcuts:

Flip View:

Left and Up arrows to move Previous Page.

Right and Down arrows to mode Next Page.

Regular / Scroll View:

Left arrow to move previous page.

Right arrow move to next page.

Down Arrow move the page down and up arrow move the page up.

Page Down will move to next page and Page Up will move to previous page.

In All mode :

Home will take to First Page and End will take the user to last page.


Book View

Book View, it allows to read comics books just like regular books.

Two pages are open. You can easily ignore cover page.

just navigate to first page and click Book View mode button will automatically ignore the cover page.

Book View


Single Page View


User can View one page at a time, on Flip mode by swiping across the screen user can move from one page to another.

On Regular mode double clicking on the edge will take the user to next / previous page.

All keyboard arrow keys will work accordingly.


Page View Options


Scroll View

Scroll view allows the user to read the comics just like reading the pdf files in Adobe Reader in continues mode.

All user has do is just scroll the pages and read comics.

Scroll View Portrait Mode Options


Effect Setting


User can apply list of image effects to comic pages [it fun, some times it really improves reading but mostly it is for fun]

Try this feature on high end tablet, I noticed in low end tablet it Jerks.


Effects View


GoTo View


GoTo View, It just lists the Books Marks and Page Numbers.

By clicking the button user will be taken to that particular page for reading.




User can select RightToLeft but effective only on book view mode.

User can Enable the Flip View by checking the Flip View check box to turn on the windows gestures based page flipping feature.

User can set zoom step.

User can set default view.

User can change the mouse / tab handling sequence for page flip



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